Arjun Gupta

The Magicians - Nurse Jackie

Gupta was born in Tampa, Florida, United States. His father's name is Lalit but known locally as 'Al' and his mother is Anubha, but also known locally as 'Annie', to help fit in with American life. He attended Berkeley Preparatory School, where he performed in several school plays. His first major motion picture was in 2009 acting alongside Uma Thurman in Motherhood.

In addition to acting and producing, Gupta co-founded a theater group in Southern California with other like-minded artists with the goal of providing a platform for underrepresented groups through the medium of original stories and re-tellings of classics that reflect the world today.

Gupta was among the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy series. He also co-hosts the American Desis podcast with comedian Akaash Singh. Gupta voices the character Nikhil Sharma on the podcast Ars Paradoxica. He also won the 2014 Maverick Movie Awards Best Supporting actor award for his role in Bridge and Tunnel.

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