Charlotte Louise Baker

Star Wars: Solo

Charlotte Louise is a British actress, voiceover artist and model best known for her role in Solo: A Star Wars Story as “Margo”. After completing her training at Identity School of Acting, she appeared in movies such as various Star Wars movies, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Game Of Thrones and Work Life.

Charlotte’s first credited role on the Star Wars movies was on The Last Jedi as an orange skinned, horned alien, which appeared in Canto Bight. Next, Charlotte was cast in the role of Margo, an Imroosian alien and the concierge of Dryden Vos, who greets Han Solo, Beckett and Chewbacca upon entry to Vos’s domain. Alongside the Margo role in Solo, Charlotte was also cast as a Twi’lek that participated in the second Sabacc game and an elderly female alien.

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