Connor Trinneer

Star Trek: Enterprise - Stargate: Atlantis, Origins

Connor Trinneer, known best for playing Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III in Star Trek: Enterprise, and Michael Kenmore, in Stargate: Atlantis.  Some of his other roles were in American Made, Exorcist House of Evil, NCIS, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Trinneer first came to attention in Arcadia at the Huntington Theater Company in Boston. Much of his work to date has been in theater, specifically a long association with the Circle X Theatre Company in Hollywood.

He has had several guest-starring roles on television, including One Life to LiveSliders, and Touched by an Angel. He also had a significant role in the TV adaptation of A.R. Gurney's Far East, playing the conflicted gay officer Bob Munger.

In 2001, Trinneer auditioned for Star Trek: Enterprise. At the time, he did not follow science fiction and was unaware of the franchise's significance. He said that he gained the role of Tucker through sheer luck, as he anticipated that more than a hundred actors would audition for the part. Trinneer did not know what to expect from the part. During the audition, he had only seven pages of a script on which to base his performance and was told only that the character originated from the southern United States.

After the cancellation of Enterprise, Trinneer returned to guest-starring roles on series such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and 24, and a recurring role as the Wraith Michael in Stargate Atlantis.

Trinneer attended the GO3 Electronic and Entertainment Expo in Perth, Western Australia, and appeared with fellow Stargate Atlantis co-star David Nykl on the 2009 Channel Seven Perth Telethon.

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