Penny McCarthy

Star Wars: A New Hope

Penny MacCarthy is best known for her role as Kardue'sai' Malloc in Star Wars: A New Hope.

McCarthy played the bass player, and piano player in the infamous Cantina Scene, in George Lucas’s world-renowned Star Wars movie, The New Hope. Penny also played several other characters in the cantina including a wolf and the famous devil character. Penny also doubled as a Jawa (because of her height) and was used to double as Princess Leia’s hand as she put the Death Star plans into the droid R2 D2. Penny started as an Assistant Location Auditor, at the age of 25. After two years working for Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), in Van Nuys California, she received her “big break.” Penny credits this luck to her, “…small size and (she) fit the masks!” McCarthy also played the Werewolf and Devil in the movie. McCarthy remained in the film industry for 15 years. Her other credits include China Syndrome (Assistant Producer), Absence of Malice, Borderline, Mikes Murder, Perfect, Postman Always Rings Twice and Being There.
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